Google Calendar Bug

Problem: Starting about October 2015, the calendars on the following parish websites (that used to work correctly), "occasionally" produce an error message and do not display the calendar:
Description: The online calendars that appear on all parish websites are actually embedded "Google Calendars". The observed erratic calendar behavior is due to a recent bug in Google Calendar (introduced in the fourth quarter of 2015) that causes the following problem:
  • If a user is logged into Google (for example, if a user is logged into Gmail) then, instead of a calendar, the above pages display the message: "This page can’t be displayed"
  • If a user logs out of Google, then the calendars on the above webpages display correctly again. 
This problem is not specific to our parish websites and calendars. It is also described by other Google Calendar users here:
SolutionThere are two solutions available:
  • Temporary: Log out of Google (e.g., log out of Gmail).
    The above webpages will work again and display the calendars properly.
  • Permanent: In Internet Explorer go to "Internet Options", "Security", "Trusted Sites", "Sites" and add the following url as a trusted site:
    This makes the problem go away permanently.
There is nothing that we can do other than hope that Google will fix "Google Calendars" soon and eliminate this bug altogether.