Mission of St. Nicholas Greek School

St. Nicholas Greek School Dancers
Mission Statement: The mission of our Greek School is to teach Greek as a second language; to introduce our students to the Greek culture, heritage, history, mythology, and geography; and to instill in our children the religious, moral, and ethical values of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Objectives: The objectives of the Greek school are to present all aspects of the modern Greek language to its students, including vocabulary-building, reading, writing and grammar with emphasis on conversation, reading and writing. Greek poems, prayers, songs and dances are used to teach the students about the Greek culture, heritage, religion and history. 

Methodology: Text books, videos, DVDs, computers and interactive programs are used as educational tools. The language learning material series “Μαθαίνω Ελληνικά”, sponsored by the Greek Ministry of Education, is presented to each child according to their level. Some of the tools mentioned above are ordered directly from Greece and are used either as supplementary material or as source of homework assignments to better challenge the students to achieve the Greek educational system expectations.