About St. Nicholas Greek School, Ann Arbor, Michigan

St. Nicholas Greek School is a ministry of Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Our Greek School offers afternoon and evening educational programs for children in grades K through 6 and for adults of all ages (beginner and intermediate levels). Most of our students come from parish families who are members in good standing of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. Non-members are also welcome.

All classes meet once a week, Monday through Friday, as shown in the weekly class schedule.

In addition, all children meet on several Saturday afternoons throughout the school year for religious and cultural lessons.

Children learn and practice traditional Greek dances, songs, and poems and prepare several Greek School programs on Greek Orthodox feast days, national celebrations and special events, such as the programs for the Feast Day of the Three Hierarchs (January 30), the Annunciation and Greek Independence Day (March 25), OXI Day (October 28), and our annual Ya'ssoo Greek Festival (early June). Please see the Greek School Calendar for more details.

We are very proud that our Greek School has been so successful and has continuously grown in size from about 25 students in 1995 to 60-70 students today. This is a testament to the dedicated and unwavering support of our entire St. Nicholas community.

St. Nicholas Greek School Dancers


Parent testimonials

"Our Greek School is wonderful! It has allowed our six-year-old daughter and her grandmother to bond like never before!"

-Dr. F